Leveraging knowledge and experience across sectors, BFC Technologies Inc. provides process solutions based on best practices and the latest technologies and research available. BFC Technologies Inc. network of global resources contribute to the development of customized designs suitable to answer the unique challenges faced by our clients.


  + Replication of a nuclear reactor cooling system
  + Sub-critical and super-critical loop systems
  + Single and two phase flow processes
  + Chemical treatment loops
  + Special materials and high velocity loops
  + Systems can be once through, loop based or feed and bleed


  + Conceptual Design
  + Project Management
  + Process Engineering
  + Mechanical and Structural Engineering
  + Electrical Engineering
  + Instrumentation and Controls engineering
  + Modular System Fabrication
  + Inspection & Testing
  + Documentation
  + Commissioning
  + Site supervision & start up
  + Operatorsí Training


  + Refreshing Autoclave Systems
  + Static Autoclave Systems
  + Hi Temperature / High Pressure Loops
  + Effluent Filtration Systems



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