BFC Technologies Inc. has designed, constructed and commissioned process solutions throughout North America, Central America and Asia. We have relocated production facilities between provinces/states as well as transferred technologies between countries. BFC has fabricated and installed process systems using local contractors as well as building and testing fully functional systems in the factory. No matter the location of the work or the size of the contract, BFC’s commitment to quality, safety and on-time delivery remain the same.

  + Hair dye
  + Shampoo / Conditioner
  + Topical creams
  + Mouthwash
  + Cough syrup
  + FDA & OTC requirements
  + Hygienic design (bio-burden reduction)
  + CIP / SIP / Sanitizing
  + Sanitary Piping

  + Conceptual Design
  + Act as Owner’s Representative
  + Project Management
  + Process Engineering
  + Mechanical and Structural Engineering
  + Electrical Engineering
  + Instrumentation and Controls engineering
  + Modular System Fabrication
  + Pre-fabrication off-site
  + Inspection & Testing
  + Documentation
  + Commissioning
  + Site supervision & start up
  + Operators’ Training

  + Compounding System
  + CIP System
  + Transfer System
  + Continuous Processing System
  + Blending System



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