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Greenfield Site Process Design Build

Our client, a global player in the dairy industry, needed to expand their production capability in a new facility. BFC provided the complete detailed design, fabrication, installation and testing of the new processing equipment and cleaning systems. At BFC we always work a buffer into our project schedules to able to maintain our original timelines despite delays; and this once again proved to be a beneficial approach as we encountered setbacks on this projects that were beyond our control. Our client’s satisfaction is always our priority and we collaborated from beginning to end to ensure our client’s business needs were met.

  • Provide a fully automated and integrated milk-processing system complete with receiving, pasteurization, blending, recovery, storage and distribution systems including 2 CIP systems
  • Production requirement formed the basis of the design
  • Compressed installation and commissioning timeline due to delayed facility construction
  • Site installation alongside ongoing facility construction
  • 3-month Value Engineering at start of project to save $1,000,000 in capital cost
  • Expedited equipment schedule brought overall project in on schedule
  • Exceeded production requirements within 3 months of start-up
  • Supplied all process systems on site (2 CIP systems, 2 HTST systems, Blending and Recovery systems, interconnecting pipework and valving for 13 storage silos)
  • Fully automated facility with MES system integration