Formulation Suite Upgrades

Our client, a world leader in the development, manufacturing, and sale of biopharmaceutical products, embarked on the construction of a new manufacturing suite adjacent to their existing production facility. BFC Technologies was invited to supply the process equipment and clean utility services (WFI and Pure Steam) to facilitate the new build project. In keeping with our philosophy of putting our customers first, we collaborated with our client throughout the design phase to successfully deliver cost-effective, high-quality systems according to the project schedule.

Design, deliver and test 4 compounding suites, 2 sterile filling systems, 1 CIP system and clean utility distribution loops on a fast track basis

  • Estimate project from User Requirements Specification (URS)
  • Process design in parallel with facility design needed careful integration to ensure sufficient space for equipment and maintenance
  • Accelerated time frame
  • Multi-floor installation required accommodation of pipe runs and vessels suspended through different levels
  • Interfacing with the existing steam system provided challenges that required software adjustments
  • The system is considered the show piece equipment of a multi-nation bio-pharma manufacturer
  • Complete installation and testing were done in the United States
  • Project was completed on time and within budget