Greenfield Site Consumer Products

A leading provider of personal care products approached BFC Technologies to help support their capacity expansion efforts in a new facility. Our engineers developed a feasibility study involving modelling of the production growth across a wide spectrum of SKU’s. This study outputted the requirement for 9 process modules and lines including 2 continuous modules, 1 involving multiple ingredients into an emulsion producing product line, a Class 1, Div II process line and 5 emulsion generating batch processes. Each process line was modeled to produce the required production. BFC then completed the detailed process design and built and installed all 9 modules. We provided validation and training and documentation of the facility.

Complete process modeling and concept design for installation in greenfield facility to meet projected capacity as business grew

  • Basis of the design was the product mix, formulation and volume requirement
  • Process design needed to be flexible to handle hundreds of different SKUs and future products
  • Met expectations from design requirements
  • Delivered streamlined processes offering decreased down-time and consistent product quality
  • Improved product changeover from existing facility
  • Increased efficiency with installation of automated CIP system
  • Design-Build innovative continuous manufacturing process
  • Complete process validation was done (Installation / Operational / Performance Qualification)