From large custom process systems incorporating pasteurization, mixing, separation and storage to CIP system upgrades and plant automation, we have years of experience designing and building integrated process systems for dairy processing. All our designs adhere to the standards set out by 3A, FDA, CFIA, USDA and other regulatory requirements. We have supplied complete dairy processing systems for many prominent dairy manufacturers. Some of our areas of expertise include milk production, cheese making, ice cream, yogurt and cultured products, cream, and butter. Process systems can include control systems from as simple as a PLC to SCADA and SQL servers for customers interested in mass balance across the plant or communicating with SAP.

Equipment and Systems Supplied

  • Heat Treatment Processes
    • Pasteurization, HTST and Batch
    • Plate, Tubular, Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers
    • Aseptic Processing
  • Receiving Systems
  • Formulation Systems
  • Separation Process Systems
  • Specialty Processes
    • Emulsification
    • Homogenization
    • Fermentation
  • Freezing / Crystallization
  • Culture Processing Systems
  • Recovery Systems
  • Sterilization
  • CIP On-Demand
  • Sanitary Piping Systems
  • Valve Matrices
  • Waste Stream Processing
  • Plant Automation

Case Studies