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We provide fit for purpose, engineered systems supporting scientific research in the nuclear industry. Our expertise includes the design of custom test rigs replicating the heat exchange system of a nuclear reactor. We have experience designing once-through, loop based and feed and bleed systems incorporating our knowledge of single- and two-phase flow, and sub- and super-critical process conditions. Our experience, design approach and skill set allow us to develop, fabricate and deliver process skids that are “first of a kind”. We are excited to be part of the evolution of the nuclear industry in SMR advancement.



Equipment and Systems Supplied

  • Refreshing Autoclave Systems
  • Static Autoclave Systems
  • Special Materials and High Velocity Loops
  • High Temperature / High Pressure Loops
  • High Temperature Recirculation Loops
  • Impedance Heating System
  • Chemical Treatment Loops
  • Effluent Filtration Systems