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Our Philosophy

Our company is built on the foundation of our values of integrity, respect and life balance. We remain committed to these values as we focus on our core objective of designing, building and delivering unique, thoughtful and well-constructed process solutions for the most complex process queries.


Customer Centered

We put our clients first

Our commitment to deliver high quality, effective solutions comes before our company interests. If an issue arises, we get to the root cause and resolve the problem regardless of the cost to BFC. We believe it is this commitment that results in our clients’ satisfaction, repeat business and sustained profitability.


Process Lead

We are experienced process engineers.

Our extensive knowledge and experience across a wide range of sectors serves as our foundation for finding answers to our clients’ complex process queries. Our involvement during the conceptual stage translates into a more efficient design-build approach and, therefore, an optimal process system solution.


Team Based

We prioritize project goals over individual goals.

Our flat structure promotes a team-based environment that fosters collaboration and empowers each individual to be accountable for the systems we deliver to our clients. Our staff self-manage based on project requirements which are openly shared with all team members.


Quality Driven

We value excellence.

To ensure we meet the highest of standards, we only accept work that we have the capability and capacity to complete on time. Our systems are quality checked and performance tested both at our facility and after site installation


Priority Focused

We finish a current task before starting a new one.

We strive to eliminate multitasking. Starting things that can be started, instead of finishing what needs to be done, leads to project delays. We value excess capacity over efficiency so we can deliver on time.


We Value

  • Project Success over Individual Achievement
  • Long-term Client Satisfaction over Short-term Profit
  • Integrity, Respect and Life Balance